Of Course Chipper Jones Set His Woods On Fire

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Chipper Jones continues to provide endless entertainment for fans years after leaving the baseball diamond. Last week, it was his wisdom teeth; last night: a forest fire!
On Wednesday night, Jones cleaned out the fireplace at his Roswell, Ga. home. No big deal right? Wrong:

As you can see in the pics above from the Instagram of Jones’ Playboy model girlfriend Taylor Higgins, it was a substantial fire that required a visit from the Roswell Fire Department.

That can’t be good for Chipper’s future hunting exploits, unless he wanted smoked venison.
Jones and Higgins had just returned from a getaway in the Bahamas. As long as the couple survived the fire, it’s hard to feel sorry for Chipper though, you know? He and Higgins are practically auditioning for a reality TV show with their weekly social media posts (still can’t get over how much she looks like a young Erin Andrews).
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