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Kate Upton Holding Justin Verlander’s Hand At Tampa’s Gasparilla Festival


Still don’t think Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are dating again?

The two are partying it up today in Tampa at Gasparilla, the notorious Tampa pirate-themed party. The two are reportedly having a blast at the Tampa Yacht Club, according to observers on the ground.

You might remember how Upton’s handlers recently tried to say that the two weren’t dating. Nonsense. It’s on.

You don’t hold hands at Gasparilla unless you’re sleeping together.


Kate-Upton-Justin-Verlander-Gasparilla-1 Kate-Upton-Justin-Verlander-Gasparilla-3

Picture 1

[photos via @frostolivia, @ralphgrauer@riles813 & @nicolasmalibu]

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