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Minnesota Selfie Girl Identified [VIDEO]

Here’s a lesson for you kids out there: if you do something goofy at a televised sports event, the TV cameras will catch you in the act.

Three attractive Minnesota fans were captured attempting the Best. Selfie. Evar. during the Big Ten Network’s broadcast of the Gophers’ 81-68 upset win over No. 9 Wisconsin at Williams Arena on Wednesday night.

The lead selfie-taker and presumed owner of the swag-ilicious bedazzled phone? Minnesota student Allie Krings, who outed herself via a comment on an Instagram post of the clip by video capper extraordinaire C.J. Fogler.

Krings seems to be a serial selfie-taker, which is hardly surprising given her age and photogenic nature. Don’t judge: you’d do the same thing if you were under 25 and attending college in Minnesota.

Minnesota Fans 2

Minnesota Fans 3

[H/T: @cjzero]

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