Megan Retzlaff Is Killing The NHL Selfie Game



Our old friend @MeganRetzlaff is at it again with the NHL selfies. She posted the above gem this afternoon as a teaser for tonight’s Blackhawks-Wild showdown because these are her “two favorite teams.”

You might remember back in 2013 when the former Miss Coed of the Year sent us a special set of Wild selfies that lit up Minnesota. It was widely considered to be the best Wild selfie set ever published on the Internet.

As for tonight’s game, Chicago rolls into town with a 4-1-5 record in its last 10; Minnesota has been hot, going 7-3-0.  It’s not like this game is even that important. We wouldn’t have even noticed it on the schedule if it wasn’t for Megan’s selfie.

This is exactly how the NHL should be marketing the league via a hot selfie team of girls. Girls just selfie-ing the shit out of the NHL. Girls would be selfie-ing from a special selfie section I’d set up inside the arena. In fact, I’d have the selfie girls in their own suite where rich dudes can pay to party with the selfie girls.

You won’t see that kind of marketing genius from NBCSN.

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