How Barry Bonds Told His First Wife He Would Only Marry Her With Prenup

Old court documents dug up on the Internet are the greatest, especially when those documents paint a picture of famous athletes and how they handle life business.
Let’s go back to August 21, 2000.
Barry Bonds’ first wife Susann Margreth Branco had been divorced since 1994, but she decided to take the home run king back to court over the prenup the two agreed to before marrying in 1988. Susann, who is originally from Sweden, was challenging that the prenup should be thrown out because she didn’t have counsel at the time of the signing and didn’t understand what she was signing.
The court ultimately sided with Bonds, but not before we learned how Mr. Romantic married his first wife. Even Willie Mays makes a guest appearance.
According to court documents:
How Barry met his first wife:

Sun and Barry met in Montreal in the summer of 1987 and maintained a relationship during ensuing months through telephone contacts. In October 1987, at Barry’s invitation, Sun visited him for 10 days at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. In November 1987, Sun moved to Phoenix to take up residence with Barry and, one week later, the two became engaged to be married. In January 1988, they decided to marry before the commencement of professional baseball’s spring training. On February 5, 1988, in Phoenix, the parties entered into a written premarital agreement in which each party waived any interest in the earnings and acquisitions of the other party during marriage. fn. 1 That same day, they flew to Las Vegas, and were married the following day.
Each of the parties then was 23 years of age. Barry, who had attended college for three years and who had begun his career in professional baseball in 1985, had a contract to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. His annual salary at the time of the marriage ceremony was approximately $106,000. Sun had emigrated to Canada from Sweden in 1985, had worked as a waitress and bartender, and had undertaken some training as a cosmetologist, having [24 Cal. 4th 7] expressed an interest in embarking upon a career as a makeup artist for celebrity clients. Although her native language was Swedish, she had used both French and English in her employment, education, and personal relationships when she lived in Canada. She was unemployed at the time she entered into the premarital agreement.

As for the wedding:

Their wedding arrangements were very informal, with no written invitations or caterer, and only Barry’s parents and a couple of friends, including Barry’s godfather Willie Mays, were invited to attend. No marriage license or venue had been arranged in advance of their arrival in Las Vegas.

Barry’s divorce costs:

Barry petitioned for legal separation on May 27, 1994, in California, the parties then being California residents.
Child support was awarded in the amount of $10,000 per month per child. Spousal support was awarded in the amount of $10,000 per month, to terminate December 30, 1998.

How Barry brought up the prenup news:

She testified that only at the parking lot of the law office where the agreement was to be entered into did she learn, from Barry’s financial adviser, Mel Wilcox, that Barry would not marry her unless she signed a premarital agreement. She was not upset. She was surprised, however, because Barry never had said that signing the agreement was a precondition to marriage.

You can read more of the legalese here if that is your thing.
Sun Bonds eventually moved on and is now a life coach.

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