Watch Matt Leinart & Luke Walton's Rec Basketball Team Lose In Playoffs [VIDEO]

Matt Leinart is 30.
Luke Walton is 33.
Both are millionaires. Luke made $33,903,340 and has two NBA titles on his resume. Leinart obviously made millions to flop in the NFL.
Both were playing on the same team this week in the Manhattan Beach Rec League Playoffs, according to @JamieReidy, the guy behind @Sports_Year, who just happened to be in the gym Wednesday.
As you’ll see in the video, Team Leinart and Walton, who last played for the Cavaliers during the 2012-13 season, lost to a bunch of no-name scrubs. In fact, they trailed by 18 with 10:00 to play in the second half.
• Leinart getting stuffed at 1:40 mark of video
• Leinart with a terrible turnover at 2:00 mark
• Walton muscling a defender for a bucket & a foul at 2:25
• Leinart misses critical three at 4:30 mark.
It’s rec league basketball. You get the idea.

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