Seahawks Fan Calls His Shot With 'Super Bowl 48 Champs' Tattoo

Tim Connors must have a difficult time getting through airport security with those big brass balls of his.
That’s the only explanation for why Connors had a tattoo artist ink a Seahawks’ logo with ‘Super Bowl XLVIII Champs’ on his right forearm above his wrist at the beginning of the season.
Yes, before Marques Colston derailed the Saints miracle comeback with that illegal forward pass last Saturday, and after Seattle fell two games short of the Super Bowl last season, Connors got his predictive ink.
For what it’s worth, the Seahawks were set at 17-2 odds to win the game before the season (note how Vegas’ top four are the four teams who reached the championship games).
Connors looks pretty prescient right now, and he’s not backing off, via KOMO.

“There’s no tiny little bit of doubt at all – anywhere in my head.”

Gutsy move, but if Russell Wilson gets curb stomped by the 49ers’ pass rush, Connors may want to fund a Kickstarter for some laser tat removal. Maybe he can get a volume discount with this guy:


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