15-Year-Old Browns Fan Is Completely Pissed Of At Organization



It seems our post earlier today on a Craigslist guy offering to coach the Cleveland Browns has struck a nerve with fellow Browns fans. The anger over the coaching search is real and is starting to wear on the loyalists (that, and the January weather in Cleveland).

From Justin F. (full name protected because he’s 15!) via email:

Hello I saw the article on the craigslist add and it made me laugh. Then as I thought about it more it depressed the shit out of me. I am only 15 diehard Browns Buckeyes Indians and Cavs. Me liking the browns doesn’t make any sense they only made it to the playoffs once since I have been alive.

Some of my family is from PA so naturally they are Steeler fans and their repeated trips to playoffs and superbowls piss me the fuck off. Also if you are unlucky enough to be a browns fan all we hear about is how we need to build a team that steady and then comes the always annoying if we were more like Shitsburgh or had a coach like Belichick.

(By the way that pisses me off) The Browns are the same damn thing every year and most games feel the same. At the beginning you feel like they can pull it off then something happens and they fuck it all up. The Browns are a shitty organization yet I still root for them I don’t know why probably because I keep telling myself that they will be good one day which is probably bullshit.

One thing that nobody can say about the Browns is that us fans are some of the best if not the best.

Green Bay, Cinci (Fuck you and your chili) and Indianapolis almost had caused a blackout and had to have sponsors buy their tickets. If the Browns got into the wildcard I would bet my life that it would sell out in an hour.

Everybody jokes about the Browns and the people who make the most jokes are usually us Browns fans. What I’m trying to say is we know we suck but if some miracle happens us Browns fans will be able to say I was there when we were shitty and well we may always be shitty but damn it let’s brave some terrible weather watch a terrible team and yell at the top of our lungs.

We are Browns fans the best fans with one of the worst teams so let’s scream Fuck Pittsburgh and buy expensive jerseys that don’t last a year. Let’s watch people get fucked up on 7 dollar beers and beat the shit out of Shitsburgh Baltimore and Cinci fans. Why you ask because we are Browns fans who stick through it all and apparently seem to not understand when we should give up.

Well I’m done with my rant and now only need to say Here we go Brownies! Here we go! Woof Woof!

P.S. Fuck the Steelers, Art Modell, Michigan, Lebron, Yankees and Ravens in that order


Someone get this kid a beer after that complete destruction of the Cleveland organization, Cincinnati chili and his heart.

Of course I’m thinking of hiring him.

Are you a pissed off Browns fan? Have you spotted pissed off Browns fans in the wild? We want your coaching search anger: photos, audio of pissed off radio show callers, videos of burning jerseys.


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