Lauren Tannehill Likes Guns

Lauren and Ryan Tannehill like guns. We’ve documented that over the last couple years. It’s no secret. She shoots guns with Ryan. She shoots rifles and handguns.
So the story of Lauren Tannehill leaving an AR-15 in a rental car doesn’t come as a surprise to us. The leaving it part is obviously weird, but the part where it was in Lauren’s car doesn’t shock us at all.
From the Sun-Sentinel:

The gun legally belongs to Ryan Tannehill, and the couple immediately called the rental car company to report a missing item, even though the couple didn’t specify what was in the bag, a football league source said.
According to a sheriff’s report, Lauren Tannehill rented the white Nissan Rogue on Jan. 4 and returned it two hours later to the rental company, E-Z Rent-A-Car at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Tannehill swapped it for a different car.

Let the gun debaters do their thing.

The rental car AR-15:


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