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Lauren Tannehill AR-15 In Rental Car, Davone Bess’ Weed & SI Cleav Battle

Give me Ohio State at Minnesota at 9:30 on ESPN2. Everyone hates Ohio State so it should be fun on Twitter. We also get NBA at 3 EST when the Nets and Hawks play in London. NBATV will have that one. Big day of sports!

Lauren Tannehill leaves AR-15 in rental car

Browns WR Davone Bess posts weed pic

NFL Draft hopefuls training in lazy river

SI Swimsuit Party Cleav Battle: Upton vs. Baldwin

WTFuckingFuck: Dudes rubbing on Cristiano Ronaldo

Look at this SEC-themed drawing

UCLA Boobs of the Day

Trust me: Bella Thorne

Pop Being Pop Insty of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day


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