Paulina Gretzky Shooting Commercial, Denver Bars Talking Shit & Boshtrich!

First, I’d just like to announce that Paulina Gretzky has blocked BC from following her Twitter account. Power fucking move, darling. It’s an interesting move since we’ve never sent her a tweet. Oh well, it’s not like she has anything interesting to say. You think there’s much in that brain besides “How do my tits look today?”
Moving along, from @darrenrovell:

Clayton Kershaw will make about $147,000 per inning pitched over the next 7 seasons.

Say hello to a $30 million pitcher. I’d give him the money. If his arm blows out, his arm blows out. You just start asking for more money from your cable deals to make back the money. Then, your cable provider starts charging you more.
How are teams like Cincinnati paying Joey Votto a shitload until 2023? Cable deal money. Time Warner’s deal with the Dodgers is $8 billion over 25 years.

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