Dude With Madden Coaching Experience Wants Cleveland Browns Job



This Cleveland Browns coaching search just got real interesting. Would the Browns consider hiring a coach off Craigslist? Have the Browns broadened their search to include candidates from the “Job Wanted” section of Cleveland Craigslist?

This job seeker has stepped forward.

Shockingly, this has remained online for 14 hours:

Experienced well organized, and well educated male looking to make Cleveland my home, yes on purpose. I feel I am very capable and very qualified for this position as in the past I have made 5 year commitments and gave up on them after 12 months in the past. I know with the past 6 coaches you have been on the hook for 49 million in guaranteed money so I am not going to hinder you financial situation at all with my meek salary requirements.

My father is a loyal Cleveland Browns fan so that has to count for something considering he has never lived in Cleveland. I have taken the Browns to back to back superbowls in Madden with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell while stockpiling draft picks. It has been so impressive that I was on the front page of the Madden news update on my console for a simulated 13 weeks. All I am asking for is a chance as unlike Josh McDaniels or Todd Bowles I will never withdraw my name from consideration.

I look forward to working with Joe Banner and the rest of the organization for a projected 4 seasons, and will hold no ill will if I am terminated within the first season. I won’t even force you to make me sign non-compete clause nor will I even hold you liable for years 3 and 4 of the contract.

Serious inquiries only.

References available upon request.

Worst-case scenario for the Browns is the hire Craigslist guy, fire him after a year and go after Gruden and Cowher, only to be told to suck it.

Are you a pissed off Browns fan? Have you spotted pissed off Browns fans in the wild? We want your coaching search anger: photos, audio of pissed off radio show callers, videos of burning jerseys.


[Craigslist tip via: @thejamiebyrne]

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