UCLA Superfan Lauralee McIntyre Releases First Selfie Of 2014



Of course you remember UCLA superfan Lauralee McIntyre from her breakout 2013 when she dominated the College World Series and then turned that into a bikini-filled summer beach season. Things got quiet during the fall and over the holidays.

The silence is over. Lauralee (@xoLauralee) has officially kicked off 2014 with three new rack shots that will blow you mind, including what is her most impressive cleav Insty – EVER. First photo – see below.

She’s also giving you guys tweets like this:

The older I get the more thankful I am to be 5’10” … all men who want athlete babies try to put a ring on it and reproduce

It’s crazy how your taste in the opposite sex changes as you grow up.

It won’t take long before this news gets passed around Major League Baseball. She’ll have a new boyfriend (not sure what’s going on with the UCLA OF boyfriend) by Spring Training.

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