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Steve Francis Looks Like A Goddamn Train Wreck On Chinese Basketball Trip

Former NBA star Steve Francis is in China. Of course, you might not be able to tell it’s the same Steve Francis who played for the Magic, Rockets and Knicks from 1999-2008, because the 36 year-old seems to have aged rapidly and somehow both gained and lost weight (below, left).

Francis, who has been surrounded by illicit rumors for years, has not revealed a medical condition other than Meniere’s disease, which can cause headaches, tinnitus and vertigo.

Francis received a big welcome from the Chinese Basketball Association, where he played briefly in 2010 (below, right). He attended a game and held a press conference.

However, even Chinese fans knew enough that a 36 year-old man shouldn’t look like a 66 year-old man.

Steve Francis II


Steve still looking healthy back in the day:


[H/T: GotEm_Coach]

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