Charles Barkley Playing Beer Pong For First Time In His Life

Remember a couple weeks ago when Charles Barkley was asked about Michael Jordan playing beer pong and Chuck said that black people don’t play beer pong? As you can see above, Headline News got Chuck to play beer pong this week.
Best part after the chick makes her first throw and says Chuck has to drink:
“Do it again.”
“I want to lose this game!”
“Are we allowed to drink a beer on television?”
Remember when Headline News would show car chases, news from Bosnia and the latest from Capitol Hill? Remember when your dad would stare at Lynne Russell for hours? Over.
I’ll give Barkley like three weeks before he’s spotted, smashed, playing a few games in an Auburn frat house.
This is really what you have to chug after losing beer pong on Headline News:


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