Seahawks Teen Cheerleader Christian F. Focused On Road To Super Bowl

The last time we checked in with the Seahawks 18-year-old cheerleader, Christian Fernandez, it was early December and she was preparing for the playoff push. The 18-year-old cheerleader was looking at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and the dream of going to New Jersey in February for the Super Bowl.
The road begins Saturday in Seattle against the Saints (4:35 EST, Fox) and Christian seems focused.
It has come down to this for NFL cheerleaders: a two-game playoff. FOCUS. DO YOUR JOB. DON’T OVER THINK THE PROCESS. RUN THE PLAYS THAT ARE CALLED.
Chrisitan (@SeaGalChristian) seems to be zoned in on New Orleans, Rob Ryan & Sean Payton. You don’t usually see this composure from a teen cheerleader entering her first NFL playoffs.

Awh.. Finally in bed after a successful night’s practice! Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday! #GoHawks#PracticeMakesPerfect

Words can’t express how excited I am! #HomeFieldAdvantage #GoHawks

Focused. One game at a time. Win the weekend. One goal = New Jersey in February.
No ‘I’ in team. Outwork your opponent. 12th Man. That’s it, give me Seattle. I’m not even scared of giving up the 8.5.

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