Meet Christian Fernandez, The Seahawks 18-Year-Old Cheerleader




We first told you about the Seattle Seahawks 18-year-old cheerleader way back in May when Christian Fernandez was named to the Sea Gals roster. It seemed like tonight was a good time to check up on the teen to see how her rookie season with the team is going.

And then we found out that the Seagals had Christian take part in the team’s bikini calendar.

Imagine that: Roger Goodell’s NFL selling bikini calendars that include a girl barely out of high school.

Fernandez (@SeaGalChristian), who is now a freshman at the University of Washington, made the Sea Gals team before she had even graduated from high school. She became eligible to become an NFL cheerleader after her 18th birthday in April.

Christian’s hobbies:

Dance, Snow Skiing, Wakeboarding, Hot Yoga, and Spending time with family

Hot yoga, eh?

Already feel creepy pausing your DVR when the Seahawks cheerleaders come on? Seattle is here to make you feel extra dirty.

[Christian – Seagals Cheerleaders]

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