Buy Tricked Out Arizona Cardinals Golf Cart W/Side Grill – Current Bid $1,225



It takes a special golf cart to grab my attention because it’s nothing these days for some guy to have a tricked out golf cart that features NFL logos, a nice stereo and sweet rims. We all remember Michael Jordan’s tricked out Carolina blue cart.

Then I saw this Arizona Cardinals (Pat Tillman tribute) golf cart on eBay. That’s not just any golf cart, this beast has a side propane grill and a dump bed that can hold a 32″ LCD.

Current bid is $1,225.

According to the seller:

Up for auction is a customized NFL Arizona Cardinals gasoline powered street legal golf cart. The cart can hold up to 8 gallons and it goes between 20 to 30 mph. It drives great and is the ultimate golf cart with custom AZ. Cardinals upholstery seats and dump cart cover.  It comes with a detachable Brinkman 4 burner grill that uses propane.  Also included is a fire extinguisher, (it needs to be refilled) and a Cabela’s ATV cover.

This ATV is customized with a tribute to Pat Tillman. It comes with a dump cart that has the capability to play a 32″ flat screen TV which is powered with an inverter and battery.  There are 2 batteries, total, and a new Interstate battery was installed last week to run the cart.

What more does a man really need? You can literally drive your golf cart down the road, grill a dog, stop at a stop sign, grab a dog off the grill, crank up some Toby Keith and head to your buddy Chuck’s house to watch the Cards game in his driveway.

You know how you’ve made it in life? When you can grill a steak and cruise around your neighborhood looking for hot chicks – at the same time.


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