Michael Jordan’s Tricked Out Golf Cart [PHOTOS]

Michael Jordan held his annual golf tournament over the weekend and most media were going nuts over Mike playing against Michael Phelps and his turquoise shorts. Meanwhile, we’re over here with our jaws on the floor over the tricked out Michael Jordan golf cart he was cruising around in.

We know tricked out custom golf carts and the MJ ride is a work of art. From the rims, to the Air Jordan emblem, to the custom leather seats, to the tinted sunroof, to the stereo, this ride is about the classiest ride in golf cart history.

Those look like 4X4 speakers on the dash.

And we know the system will produce some sound because a fan shot video at the tourney when MJ was kicking out the jams. Mike was spotted in 2012 test driving his cart at the Nike campus and was impressed at the speed.

“It brought water to my eyes, I was flyin’,” Jordan said.

“Was it fast,” someone asked Jordan.

“F–k yeah,” Jordan responds.”It’s gotta be doin’ about 30.”

As for the stereo – it thumps.

BC reader John Sigman sent us this video of Jordan teeing off at #17 last Friday. John reports: “(That’s) Victor Califa, the Mexican who paid $100,000 to play with him, rushing him.”
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2WFWcqTp9k?rel=0]

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