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Charles Barkley Went Pretty Hard At Bar On BCS Eve [PHOTOS]

With the Auburn Tigers in tonight’s BCS title game against Florida State (8:30 p.m. EST on ESPN), you knew AU alum Charles Barkley couldn’t keep away from the pre-game festivities in Pasadena.

Barkley hosted a party for Auburn alumni and fans at American Junkie in Hermosa Beach, Calif. (about 20 min. southwest of Los Angeles) on Sunday. It was a $10 cover and intended for Auburn fans 21-and-over only.

According to several users on Twitter, Charles picked up the entire bar tab, because of course he did.

Sadly, there are no pics from the after-party (and, there had to be an after-party).

We sincerely hope Barkley gets some camera time tonight. Every sports broadcast is better with some words from Sir Charles.

Barkley Auburn Fans

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