Tubing At Fenway Park Looks Awesome [VIDEO]


If you are in the Northeast or Midwest, there’s a good chance you are dealing with snow, bitter cold or both: perfect sledding weather. If you are anywhere near Boston, get your ass to Fenway Park this weekend, where you can tube/sled from near the top of the Green Monster to the field (video above and below).

Boston’s iconic ballpark has been transformed into a winter wonderland as part of Frozen Fenway. The Red Sox canceled the sledding and ice skating activities on Thursday and Friday because of the storm, but it is expected to re-open

Two college hockey games — including Notre Dame vs. Boston College — are scheduled for Saturday.

If you say you never thought about doing stuff like this as a kid, you are lying. Yes, it’s cold, but the 10-year-old you wouldn’t puss out because of it. Harden up and sled!

Photo Credit: @John_W_Henry

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