Freddie Freeman’s Hot Girlfriend Chelsea Goff Nursed Him After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, Too

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Freddie Freeman Chelsea Goff

Quick question to BC fans in Georgia: is there some damn cult running around down there making baseball players get their wisdom teeth pulled in exchange for a life of sin with a hot model girlfriend?

We reported last night that retired Braves’ legend Chipper Jones was hilariously attended to by his Playboy-model girlfriend Taylor Higgins after he had his teeth pulled.

Today, we found out that current Braves’ first baseman Freddie Freeman had his wisdom teeth extracted last week, and that he was cared for by his bikini-model girlfriend-turned-realtor Chelsea Goff. The two couples went on a double-date between the surgeries.

Is this some kind of friggin’ cult? Does the Devil ask for wisdom teeth to let you hook up with hot chicks now?

Anyway, Goff is a former Miss COED contestant who went to the University of Central Florida. She’s moved away from modeling and into real estate, when she’s not tending to Freeman.

We assume this is the last Braves player/legend we’ll see post-dental surgery unless Bobby Cox has some whitening done in time for his Cooperstown induction this summer.




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