World Cup Photos

Jun 13, 2014

World Cup Brazil Screencaps: Day 1

  I was asked last night if the Morning Screencaps and Daily Dump would be overrun with World Cup material...

Jul 18, 2011

6 Indelible 2011 World Cup Finals Photos [Morning Twitpics]

Whether it was the little chubby USA fan raising his shirt after a goal, Michelle and Barry eating a dinner on a historic ottoman in the White House (Michelle drinking a 312?) or a black guy in Uncle Sam gear at a bar, America was riveted yesterday. Personally, the 105-degree temps had our asses firmly planted on the couch. For one July afternoon women's soccer really mattered. It doesn't go away without one look back at the fun. JUMP!

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Jun 22, 2010

Photo: Paraguay Chick Tells Ronaldo About Her Ball Handling Skills

What more can we say about such photos from Paraguay fan at the World Cup? Prove it? [World Cup Photos:...