USC Cheerleaders

Jul 28, 2014

USC Song Girls Got Soaked In Lake Tahoe — 2014 Edition

  The 2014 college football season can officially begin. The USC Song Girls were officially baptized in the waters of...

Mar 7, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina Firecracker Taryn, Part Two! [PHOTOS]

Yesterday we met the mini cheerleading dynamo that is South Carolina's Taryn. After a little more digging, BC Spirit Editor Asher is back with another round of this 5-footer with insane abs and even more bikini photos. Yes, we're trying to keep you SEC guys entertained. We know that boring SEC basketball tournament is of little interest. That said, here's one more shot of Taryn to enjoy this afternoon while listening to Finebaum. JUMP!

Mar 6, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina’s Firecracker Taryn [PHOTOS]

Of course BC knows you SEC freaks - besides Kentucky fan - is at home twiddling your thumbs not sure what to do in March before the big spring game. That means we need to entertain the rest of you until football returns in April. So we've told BC Spirit Editor Asher to get his ass in gear and find us the hottest of the hottest SEC cheerleaders. He visited Columbia, South Carolina and discovered Taryn, a tiny 5-foot firecracker. JUMP!

Dec 16, 2011

Hottest Girls Of Bowl Week: Gamecocks Cheerleader Ellison Is Flexible [PHOTOS]

We kicked off Bowl Week Babes Bonanza yesterday with an Arizona State dancer named Shelbie who just happens to be dating Jack Elway III. Today, thanks to our correspondent Asher at College Cheer Heaven, we meet South Carolina Gamecocks cheerleader Ellison. Are we a little early on the Capital One Bowl hot chick (Jan. 2)? Yes, but you can never get enough 'Cocks cheerleader poon in December so we just fire these chicks at you as fast as possible. JUMP!