Sports Halloween Costumes

Oct 22, 2014

76 Classic Sports Halloween Costume Ideas

  You have just over a week to get your sports Halloween costume together so I figured it was a...

Sep 26, 2013

70 Sports Halloween Costume Ideas

What will be the big sports-themed costumes of 2013? The easy lazy choice is to go with a Johnny Manziel...

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Oct 28, 2011

73 Spectacular Sports Halloween Costume Ideas [PHOTOS]

It's that time of year when you start looking for that perfect sports Halloween costume that'll guarantee free beers throughout the night. Two years ago Tiger Woods was money. Last year saw a rush of Tebow-themed costumes. There was the Kenny Powers era. The Barry Bonds/McGwire era. What will 2011 bring? We expect many more Macho Man Savage (remember, he died) and of course Al Davis costumes. Here are the best of the best over the past few years. JUMP!