Shanna McLaughlin UCF Photos

Aug 10, 2011

UCF Locker Room Model Shanna McLaughlin Popped For .45 [Cuff ‘Em]

It's almost prophetic that our buddy Isaac from Guyism sent over word this morning that UCF locker room model Shanna McLaughlin was busted this week at Orlando International for a .45 in her carry-on bag. Just a week ago we dug up the UCF modeling photos for our College Football 2011 Kickoff. Six days later she's arrested. Yes, we're that good. Shanna, a Playmate, says the gun is her boyfriends. JUMP!

Jul 31, 2011

Shanna McLaughlin UCF Locker Room Photos Kick Off College Football ’11

Yes, these photos of Shanna McLaughlin in the Central Florida locker room are from 2010. Yes, George O'Leary got an earful for this happening in his locker room. But these pics of Playboy Ms. McLaughlin are like a Fall anthem. Can you hear the birds chirping? The football pads popping? The cheerleaders strapping on the suits? Brent Musberger's "You are looking live..." Welcome to our football '11 official kick off. Gallery! JUMP!

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Aug 9, 2010

Photos: Shanna McLaughlin Axis Magazine Central Florida Locker Room Sexiness

Of course you weren’t sitting on your ass all weekend keeping tabs on the happenings out of the Central Florida...