Robert Flores

Mar 2, 2015

21 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Robert Flores Vs. Iggy & Swaggy Rap Beef

  Shots were fired Sunday night on SportsCenter. Robert Flores, known to get rowdy here and there, blasted Iggy Azalea’s...

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Dec 26, 2012

ESPN’s Robert Flores Finishes Off SportsCenter With A “Suck It” [VIDEO]

Those of you who had to work today missed the SportsCenter tandem of Robert Flores and Jonathan Coachman, otherwise known...

Jan 30, 2012

ESPN’s Robert Flores Nails “Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have To Joke-A-Vich?” [VIDEO]

Say "Joke-A-Vich" about five times in a row. What phrase does it sound like you're uttering? "Choke a bitch," right? Exactly. Over the weeekend, our hero at SportsCenter (besides Steve Levy, of course), Robert Flores, came up with the tennis call of 2012. Balls to the walls from this Flores guy. What the hell are we talking about? And why is Flores on your screen next to Chappelle? Here is the highlight in question. Prepare to lose your sh*t. JUMP!