NHL Girlfriends

Oct 20, 2014

41 Hottest NHL WAGs

  In the United States, the NHL is always going to be the fourth most popular professional sporting league behind...

Oct 1, 2012

Diva Kelly Kelly Leaves WWE, Still Dating NHLer [PHOTOS]

Gulp. One of our worst nightmares as WWE fans has come true. Kelly Kelly is officially leaving the company to pursue other career options. Now not only will we be forced to watch crappy divas matches, but said matches will now be without one of the sexiest divas in WWE history. Kelly Kelly had been in the WWE since 2006 and apparently has had enough of the WWE grind. Yes she's still banging NHL'er Sheldon Souray. JUMP!

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Jan 4, 2012

Kelly Kelly Dominates Dallas Stars’ WAG New Year’s Eve Party [PHOTOS]

At this point it's nearly impossible to keep track of what WWE Diva is dating professional athletes. Out of the blue we learn that Torrie Wilson is taking A-Rod to meet her family in Boise. Cloon-dog is parading Keibler around the world. Now we find out that Kelly Kelly is dating the Dallas Stars defenseman Sheldon Souray, via a New Year's party with fellow Stars' WAGs. This guy scores 250+ points in the NHL and lands Kelly Kelly. Strange world, indeed. JUMP!