Aug 7, 2012

36 Best Photos of Megan Rossee – Michael Phelps Girlfriend

Michael Phelps, you dog you! Here we were wondering what he was up to now at the Olympic village, how many girls he was taking to pound town...and now we find out he has a girlfriend. No shame in that at all, because Megan Rossee is the total package. She is a gorgeous model out of Los Angeles and if you didn't know her name before, you can bet your ass you will now. Just a perfect blend of classy and sexy, and judging by these 36 photos, she knows it. JUMP!

Nov 24, 2009

Model Ingrid Ullrich Back With New Photos For Busted Coverage Readers

We hate to brag, fellas, but when a hot chick actually emails our dorky asses it makes us feel proud....

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Nov 20, 2009

Part Two: Is Alizee Paradis The Hottest College Athlete Of The Decade!

Two words for TotalProSports: suck it. First things first. You: Why are those photos of Alizee Paradis covered with Busted...

Oct 23, 2009

Model & Former Wayne State U. Volleyballer Photos Submitted To Busted Coverage For Your Approval/Disapproval

The email was innocent enough. From Aaron: It’s pretty bad when my wife is better looking then your top of...

Oct 16, 2009

Model Ingrid Ullrich Claims Baby Seat Sportin’ Pittsburgh Steelers Player Once Tried To Pick Her Up

Every now and then a hot chick will contact us and ask about having her model photos featured on Busted...