Matthew Stafford Girlfriend

Jul 10, 2014

Kelly Hall-Stafford In A Bikini Worm Race On 4th Of July Booze Cruise

    I figured we hadn’t seen all the footage that would come out of Kelly Hall’s family 4th of...

Feb 25, 2013

Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend Kelly Hall Back In A Bikini [PHOTOS]

Trying to put a disappointing 4-12 season behind him, Matt Stafford and girlfriend Kelly Hall ditched Detroit last week for...

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Jan 6, 2012

WAGs Of The 2012 NFL Playoffs [PHOTOS]

Face it, if you don't have a team in the fight during the 2012 NFL Playoffs there are a couple of factors that make you watch: the love of football, gambling, it's winter and the fantasy that one day you'll have an NFL caliber WAG sitting on the couch with you watching Broncos-Steelers. What a crop of ladies we have this year. Eric Decker brings in Jessie James. Matthew Stafford has girlfriend Kelly Hall. Wes Welker has a Hooters Miss International GF. Helluva strong class of WAGs kick off the only season that matters tomorrow at 4:30 when the Bengals face the Texans. The journey to Indy is on. JUMP!

Jul 18, 2011

Matthew Stafford Man Cans At July 4th Houseboat Red Cup Bash [Photos]

Why do we continue to track Matthew Stafford's man cans? Because Busted Coverage happens to like the Detroit Lions and we see a guy who, photographed July 4th weekend, doesn't exactly look like he's been on a strict cardio regimen. It's no secret that Staffs likes his beer. We've documented his recent beer runs, yet Matt tells that he's been staying fit during the lockout. JULY 4TH HOUSEBOAT BASH! JUMP!

Jun 24, 2010

Lions QB Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend Has New Photos (And A Great Video) To Peruse

Matthew Stafford has been flying under the radar this off-season as all attention turns to Ndamukong Suh instead of the...