Matt Hasselbeck

Nov 13, 2017

The One Chip Challenge Did a Real Number on Matt Hasselbeck

Shoutout to ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck, who’s currently trying to hold it together on “Monday Night Countdown” after partaking in...

Sep 8, 2011

Matt Hasselbeck To Wear These 9/11 Shoes Which Are Made In China [Photos]

Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has some new kicks and while they might ooze patriotism (in honor of 9/11, of course), they might be the ugliest shoes we've ever seen. We like where your heart is, but you're sense of style has obviously left the building. Although, if Osama Bin Laden were alive, we're sure he'd be terrified. Check out these monstrosities.

Aug 3, 2011

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Porkiest, Broke, Oldest & Gayest Names To Sign!

It's likely Adam Schefter hasn't been laid in weeks. It's likely John Clayton hasn't washed his rat tail in weeks. Meanwhile, Jay Glazer checks his phone here and there between throwing forearm bombs into MMA punk faces. The NFL free agent frenzy has been intense. It's time to recap some of the moves you might have heard of & some obscure free agents who deserve credit. Who is the fattest free agent to get a deal? JUMP!

Jul 28, 2011

Jake Locker Training Camp Job: Learn QB Position & Errand Boy [Photo]

The Tennessee Titans surprised a lot of people when they drafted Jake Locker, but it appears they had a plan for him all along. Locker is performing errands during training camp for the Titans organization before he settles into his regular job of holding a clipboard while Matt Hasselbeck quarterbacks the team. Guess JUMP!