Lexxi Silver

Aug 11, 2014

Did Bernie Kosar’s Divorce Drive Daughter Sara To Do Porn?

  Sports on Earth, the site that media nerds thought was dead last week after USA Today took a chainsaw...

Aug 12, 2013

Bernie Kosar Has Porn Daughter, Takes Shot At Rams WR Parents

  Bernie Kosar continues to catch heat over comments he made during Thursday’s Rams-Browns broadcast when he ridiculed St. Louis...

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May 24, 2012

Let’s See What Bernie Kosar’s Porn Daughter Lexxi Silver Is Up To These Days

From time to time we check in with poor Bernie Kosar and his wild ass family mostly just to feel fortunate that we're not related to any of them. Sure, Bernie will always be a God in Cleveland and Miami, but this guy will forever be known on the Internet as the only legendary NFL QB with a daughter whose porn career was outed on the Internet. It seems the porn career is over, but the nightmare for Bernie isn't. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2011

Lexxi Silver Is Bernie Kosar’s Porn Actress Daughter? [Photos]

As if Bernie Kosar hasn't had enough issues over the last five years, now comes the confirmation that his daughter has made her on-screen porn debut. The Busted Coverage i-Team has spent the last 4-5 hours using our porn identification software to determine if Sara Kosar is in fact porn actress Lexxi Silver. The final report from the i-Team is that there is 99.9% certainty that we've got ourselves an NFL porn angle. Details - JUMP!