Laron Landry

May 12, 2014

LaRon Landry Is Selling His Massive Bro-Palace – $2,200,000

  Of course LaRon Landry’s Virginia house has a crazy LSU-themed weight room. What I didn’t expect from Landry’s $2,200,000...

Feb 27, 2012

LaRon Landry’s Teammate Adam Carriker Pulls A Landry With Wife’s Shirt [PHOTO]

We're sure you remember Washington Redskins' safety LaRon Landry's impossibly jacked photo from last week. Well, teammate Adam Carriker had a little fun with it. Carriker threw on his wife's shirt and flexed in front of the camera just like Landry. Obviously, this dude has too much time on his hands. Here's the result and his interaction with Landry. All we have to say is, "Why to go, brahs!" Check it!

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Feb 24, 2012

GTFO, Fools: Laron Landry Wants You To Know He’s 223, Not 240 LBS [PHOTOS]

Seriously, there's a war going on between Laron Landry & haters. We picture the haters to be balding, old, fat, white guys who work at a newspaper or tweet incessantly. If there's one thing fat, white guys don't like, it's black dudes who play in the NFL and have Laron's pipes. But their beef this time seems to be incredibly ridiculous. Is Landry really 240 pounds? And we have a Twitter war! JUMP!

Feb 23, 2012

Laron Landry Getting Chipper Jones Fat This Offseason [PHOTOS]

Our buddy Jake at Funny Athlete Tweets sent word today that Laron Landry, better known as the NFL strong safety most likely to have a carer as a member of the Chippendales, might be letting himself go after just two months away from the sport. Doesn't surprise us. Always seemed like that guy was a one-year wonder. A guy who gets jacked on P90X and turns to flab six months later. JUMP!