Kiana Kim

Mar 31, 2014

That’s Not Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Kiana Kim

  That’s Pete Rose with girlfriend Kiana Kim’s daughter. You might remember that Pete’s girlfriend has the giant implants and...

Jan 11, 2013

Pete Rose Is Not Happy With Wife Kiana Kim’s Breast Reduction [PHOTOS]

We first told you guys about the upcoming Pete Rose/Kiana Kim TLC reality show back in July. They only had...

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Jul 18, 2012

20 Hottest Photos Of Kiana Kim – Pete Rose’s Girlfriend!

Of course we're excited over the news of Pete Rose and his girlfriend Kiana Kim getting a reality show on TLC. It's like sports' version of Ice T & Coco T. Tell me you're not excited to see how Pete manages a life with an Asian chick with giant boobs and personality. That's the show right there. Week after week. Don't forget that Pete is 71-years-old. We expect multiple TVs showing sulky horse racing & the MLB package. JUMP!