Kate Upton Boobs

Apr 15, 2014

Kate Upton Invades Australia For Movie Premiere, Hides Boobs

[getty src=”484862877?et=xoLDBGaL8k2qQiRsk4RTTw&sig=-ZXUjCJ2NPgAyQ-ksgnwC4BQGmc9ot2HpAgnAZehpSM=” width=”398″ height=”653″] Kate Upton continues to make news this week via her boobs. Justin Verlander’s girlfriend is in Australia today to promote her movie “The Other Woman” where she stars alongside Cameron Diaz. Guess whose body Upton thinks...

Dec 20, 2013

Best Of Kate Upton ‘The Other Woman’ Movie Photos

  Jonesing for this Kate Upton movie, “The Other Woman,” you’ve been hearing about since the summer? It won’t be released until April 25, but that hasn’t stopped 20th Century Fox from posting the trailer just before Christmas when you...

Nov 5, 2013

Kate Upton’s Melbourne Horse Race Cups [PHOTOS]

  Kate Upton is truly a woman of the world. This week, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is taking in the sights of the Melbourne Cup: Australia’s biggest horse race held every year on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria...

Kate Upton Is In Australia With Her Weird Hat For Famous Horse Race

Kate Upton was hired by Emirates Airlines to fly to Melbourne, Australia for Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup Carnival horse race. From the little we know about the Cup, it’s Australia’s equivalent to the Kentucky Derby. We won’t bore you with all...

Nov 4, 2013

Kate Upton In Antarctica [PHOTOS]

Our friends at TMZ published photos early today showing Kate Upton working a bikini shoot in Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica. The photos are supposed to be work for Sports Illustrated; we assume these are for the 2013 swimsuit issue....

Dec 18, 2012

Is Kate Upton Still A Supermodel? [PHOTOS]

It's Fashion Week in New York City so it was only a matter of time until some new Kate Upton pics surfaced. Low and behold Kate was in attendance at a Michael Kors event last night...and lets just say she wasn't looking her best. Is she still supermodel material? Seriously Kate, are those rolls? Do you brush or whiten your teeth? Apparently the SI cover gig went straight to her head! JUMP!

Sep 7, 2012


Jun 6, 2012

Kate Upton’s Newest Beach Bunny Photos Are Motorboat Worthy

What exactly is Beach Bunny swimwear trying to tell us about their product via the company's latest Kate Upton photo leak? I've used bigger napkins in Italian joints. Where can Beach Bunny go from here? Is there a swimsuit Kate can model that beats this one? Is that even possible? Are we on the verge of being overexposed to Upton's rack? Is that even possible? Will Beach Bunny be the first company to manufacture a sand bra? Is that on the table? JUMP!

May 1, 2012

Kate Upton Just Won’t Stop, Now Unleashing These Yankees Hat Photos

REMEMBER THAT KATE UPTON VIDEO FROM THIS AFTERNOON WHERE SHE'S DOING THE CAT DADDY? YEAH, WELL NOW WE HAVE PHOTOS FROM THE TERRY RICHARDSON PHOTOSHOOT TO COMPLIMENT THAT INSANE VIDEO. ARE WE SHOUTING? OH, SORRY. Look, you guys keep clicking, we keep posting. Of course there is room for another hot chick to come in & steal a little of Upton's thunder. Until then, you get these – JUMP!

Jan 5, 2012

Kate Upton In Michigan Sweatshirt. [PHOTOS]

Are you an Ohio State fan and a fan of Kate Upton? This might be rough for you to swallow. You probably knew that Kate was born in St. Joseph, Michigan and you might have known her to Twitter cheer for the Wolverines but there has never been a photo of Upton in Michigan gear until now. Here she is this morning in Miami on the way to a bikini shoot, just chilling in this limo. Of course sex with her is still on the table. You don't think we're that big of an Ohio State fan, do you? JUMP!