Jay Feely

Nov 30, 2012

Michigan Loser Jay Feely Paying Off His Bet To Beanie Wells

Jay Feely, who once missed three field goals for the Giants in a playoffs game and was ridiculed via Saturday...

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Oct 14, 2012

Jay Feely Nails 61-Yard Field Goal Against Bills; Misses 40-Yard FG In OT, Loses [Video]

Jay Feely, the kicker for the Arizona Cardinals, nailed a 61-yard field goal to tie today’s game against the...

Dec 16, 2011

Cardinals Kicker Jay Feely Probably Not On Sam Hurd’s Snitch List

Just threw it out there last night on Twitter. What name on the Sam Hurd snitch list is going to absolutely floor us? Readers chimed in with names such as: (the obvious) Tebow, Ditka, Lovie Smith, Dungy, Romo, Michael Irvin, etc. But then there was Jay Feely's name thrown into the mix. For those of you who don't know, Feely is conservative & takes his tweeting very seriously. He's mega-Republican and could be considered kooky to you liberals. JUMP!

Aug 9, 2011

The Top 50 NFL Twitter Must-Follows

Just getting around to opening a Twitter account and have no idea who you should be following during the upcoming NFL season? BC sent our Twitter researcher, Robert, in search of the 50 NFL player Twitter accounts you need to follow - immediately. (Yes, T.O. is on the list. He'll be back.) Whether it's what they're eating or thinking, you must make these 50 individuals part of your daily life. The list - JUMP!