Ines Sainz Media Day

Jan 28, 2014

Of Course Ines Sainz Is At Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day [PHOTOS]

Ines Sainz works her way to the front to ask Peyton a question. He kept his eyes up. —...

Jan 29, 2013

Ines Sainz Super Bowl XLVII Media Day Outfit [PHOTOS]

Yes, Ines Sainz (also spelled Inez), the Latin American version of Erin Andrews is at Super Bowl XLVII media day,...

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Jan 31, 2012

Inez Sainz: Super Bowl Media Day Darling [70 PHOTOS]

Bloggers will complain that Inez Sainz (also spelled Ines Sainz) is at today's Super Bowl XLVI media day. The mainstream media will complain (yet check her from head to toe) that Sainz is at today's media day. But, the world will be intrigued by what she's up to in about 20 minutes. We're on pins & needles as to what interviews she'll land. Let's not forget how Ms. Sainz got her fame in the U.S. - SB media days. Let's also not forget what makes her so famous - interview abilities. JUMP!