Hottest NBA Fans

Dec 7, 2012

Hottest Girls Of The NBA: Dec. 7-9 [TV SCHEDULE, PHOTOS]

Out of five nationally televised games this weekend there are really only two worth tuning in to. Tonight’s showdown between...

Jan 18, 2012

Hottest Fans Of The Miami Heat: Playmate Francesca Frigo [35 PHOTOS]

Most of your celeb sites this week have been paying attention to Playboy Playmate Fracesca Frigo because she's obviously super hot, has a giant fake rack and is in a bikini while the rest of America freezes its ass off. But we dug deeper. Found a sports angle. Made Ms. Frigo relevant to you guys who like your women to have a sports angle. It seems Ms. August 2010 is a basketball fan and even owns a baseball hat of a certain NY team. JUMP!

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Jun 17, 2011

World’s Sexiest Dallas Mavericks Fan [24 Photos]

Our coworkers at Coed tipped us off to a chick on Twitter who goes by the handle @Heathero14 who who already her Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship shirt. As an added bonus, Heather took the time to do some mirror shots of the new shirt. This combination of skin, her fandome and our need to post a gallery of Heather's greatest work has resulted in her being named "World's Sexiest Dallas Mavericks Fan." Those wishing to compete with Heather are encouraged to email us. Gallery! JUMP!