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Girls of Playboy 2013
Jan 2, 2014

Best of BC Playboy Interviews 2013 — Miss October, November & December [PHOTOS]

Playboy wrapped up its stellar lineup of 2013 Playmates with three beautiful women in the fall months of October, November...

Dec 31, 2013

Best of BC Playboy Interviews 2013 — Miss July, August & September [PHOTOS]

Our look back at the Playboy Playmates of 2013 continues with the girls of summer: Miss July, August and September....

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Dec 30, 2013

Best of BC Playboy Interviews 2013 — Miss April, May & June [PHOTOS]

Busted Coverage continues to look back at the women who were featured as Playmate of the Month in Playboy in...

Dec 29, 2013

Best of BC Playboy 2013 Interviews — Miss January, February & March

2013 was a great year for Playboy Playmates. Busted Coverage spoke to all but two of the 12 lovely ladies...