ESPN Fails

Mar 19, 2014

ESPN March Madness Expert: ‘Michigan State Wolverines’ In Final Four

  I’m told by @fabreetztweetz that this isn’t the same ESPN analyst who wrote “Kentucy” on a chalkboard when talking...

Nov 13, 2012

Steelers Fan Has A Giant Middle Finger For This MNF Camera [Morning Twitpic]

So you want to gamble on NFL games, eh? You want to bet the favorites because there’s no way the...

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Sep 20, 2012

ESPN Intern Fails Reach New Level Of Shocking With Black Eli Manning

BC follower @misterfacetious sent us this dispatch: "I'm sure these will roll in. Mike Wallace aka Eli Manning. Eli, get out of the tanning bed!" This wouldn't be so bad, but Wallace is a very, very black man. If it wouldn've been a lighter black guy like Hines Ward, this fail wouldn't have been so epic. And how do you mistakenly get Eli's career bio in there and mix in a Steelers logo? Unfathomable. Send us 'ESPN Intern Fails':

Mar 3, 2012

A Bro Jerkoff Bombing Michael Smith At MIT Sports Analytics Conference [VIDEO]

So ESPN's Michael Smith took his show on the road yesterday to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference where he wanted to talk numbers with the brightest minds. What he got instead was some MIT bro jerking off what looks like a cup - on live TV. This was a prestigious event with the likes of Scott Boras, Michael Wilbon & Bill James speaking. But the highlight for us has to be Masshole busting his cup nut. JUMP!