Elise Pollard

Dec 11, 2016

Johnny Addressing The Haters, Santa Taking In Some College Hoops & Detroit Lions WAGs Christmas Party

We’re onto Bowl Season… For some reason we have to wait until next Saturday before we get our first bowl...

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Sep 13, 2015

Golden Tate Has Gotten Engaged To Elise Pollard

They’ve been dating since way back in 2012, and on the eve of Tate’s first game of the season, Golden...

Feb 19, 2015

That’s Hope Parker Chilling With Golden Tate and His Girlfriend

I’m sure a lot of you stuck at work have already gone through your quick guilty pleasure of surfing TMZ....

Feb 6, 2015

Golden Tate and Elisa Pollard Take Their Selfie Stick to the Arabian Desert

  Now that Golden Tate doesn’t have to write articles about not having an affair with Russell Wilson’s ex-wife, he...

Mar 13, 2014

Kelly Hall Welcomes Golden Tate’s Girlfriend, Elise Pollard, To Lions WAGs [PHOTOS]

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Kelly Hall — a longtime favorite of BC and girlfriend of Lions’ quarterback Matthew...