Cowboys Fan Fight

Dec 10, 2012

Scumbag Cowboys Fan Hits Woman During Fight At Eagles Game [VIDEO]

While this might not be the best NFL fight video you’ll see this season it acts as a reminder of...

Dec 7, 2011

Fat Pig Cowboys & Cardinals Chicks Brawl, Pull Weaves [VIDEO]

WTF is going on within the world of NFL fan fight videos. Yesterday we had a fat pig Panthers Mongoloid showing off her thong while in handcuffs. Today we have these fat pigs fighting outside the Cardinals-Cowboys game on Sunday. Not that we're complaining. It's great for business. But the question with these fat pigs is: "What seems to be the problem?" Why all the beefing? Just watch these pigs (like 6 of them) swinging & even an MMA mount! JUMP!

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Sep 15, 2011

A Cowboys-Jets Fan Fight Without Taser; With Camera Slap [VIDEO]

By now you ESPN junkies have seen the grainy video of Cowboys fan opening up a can of Taser whoop ass on Jets marine during the Sunday night game. That one has played itself out & we've moved on to Cowboys-Jets verbal war that includes Emmitt Smith-jersey chick bitch slapping a vlogger's camera. This is why we do this job. Fans who can't really afford tickets to said game, go to game and eventually stick a finger in Jets' fan's face. Backwards Hat Guy pays our bills. JUMP!