Chad Ochocinco

Dec 25, 2016

Chad Ochocinco Helps Mom Get Her Son An Xbox One For Christmas So He Can Beat Him In FIFA

Here’s a nice little Christmas Day story for you guys. Chad Ochocinco, retired NFL wideout and self proclaimed king of...

Apr 19, 2013

Ocho Cinco Giving Miami Weekend Trip To Boston Woman Who Lost Grandmother

Chad Ochocinco generally gets a bad rap amongst sports fans and media critics alike. Sure he’s had his bad days...

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Feb 4, 2012

Pats Release Guy With Logo Shaved In His Head Night Before Super Bowl

Tiquan Underwood played in only six games for the New England Patriots this season, but he was proud to be a member of the team. So proud, he shaved the team logo into the back of his high-top fade. The haircut made him a media darling all week in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, his pride and loyalty got him nowhere. The Pats unceremoniously cut Underwood the night before the Super Bowl. Classy move, Bill Belichick. Here's the story. Check it!

Sep 13, 2011

26 Sweet-Ass Photos Of Gisele In Honor Of Her Sweet-Ass Potato Fries

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gets no respect from the Capitol Lounge in Washington D.C. Their Patriots-themed menu features items named for Chad Ochocinco, Deion Branch and Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen. So, in honor of Gisele's Sweet-Ass Potato Fries, here's a smokin' gallery of Giselle's sweet ass. Someone pass the Heinz! JUMP!

Aug 31, 2011

Ochocinco Sleeps With The Fishes [Photos]

We know New England Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco likes to call attention to himself in public. Well, it appears he likes to call attention to fish in the privacy of the home he shares with fiancé Evelyn Lozada. Ochocinco has a custom-made fish tank over his bed and as a wall for his multiple televisions. Here are the pics, along with Lozada in a sports bra. Check it!

Aug 9, 2011

The Top 50 NFL Twitter Must-Follows

Just getting around to opening a Twitter account and have no idea who you should be following during the upcoming NFL season? BC sent our Twitter researcher, Robert, in search of the 50 NFL player Twitter accounts you need to follow - immediately. (Yes, T.O. is on the list. He'll be back.) Whether it's what they're eating or thinking, you must make these 50 individuals part of your daily life. The list - JUMP!

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Aug 3, 2011

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Porkiest, Broke, Oldest & Gayest Names To Sign!

It's likely Adam Schefter hasn't been laid in weeks. It's likely John Clayton hasn't washed his rat tail in weeks. Meanwhile, Jay Glazer checks his phone here and there between throwing forearm bombs into MMA punk faces. The NFL free agent frenzy has been intense. It's time to recap some of the moves you might have heard of & some obscure free agents who deserve credit. Who is the fattest free agent to get a deal? JUMP!