Cassie Keller

Feb 4, 2010

America’s Hottest College Sophomore Cassie Keller Leaves Teenhood – Officially 20!

This news makes Busted Coverage feel older than we already are. About two years ago we came across a Central...

Oct 13, 2009

America’s Hottest College Sophomore Cassie Keller Is Back With New Naked Photos

We annointed Cassie Keller “America’s Hottest College Freshman” last fall and she hasn’t dropped out of college – yet –...

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Aug 31, 2009

Nightcapper: Playboy Unveals 64-Butt Bracket, NCAA Is Totally Not Going To Approve!

FINALLY! A 64-‘something’ bracket other than the NCAA basketball tournament that really matters to man. Playboy sent a random email...

Aug 3, 2009

Nightcapper: America’s Hottest College Sophomore Cassie Keller Boning Up Fans Via Bikini Car Wash

If you’ve been with us over the last 11 months, or so, you know Busted Coverage annointed Cassie Keller as...

Jun 19, 2009

Cassie Keller – America’s Soon To Be Hottest College Sophomore – Poses Nude For Figure Drawing Classes

From time to time we get tidbits of info via readers about the doings of Central Michigan student and Playboy...

May 6, 2009

America’s Hottest College Freshman Update: CMU Teen Cassie Keller Continues To Get Naked, Drive Men Crazy

It’s been awhile since BC updated you on the exploits of Central Michigan freshman Cassie Keller. Well….let us be the...