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Oct 14, 2015

Best of 69 Jerseys

The jerseys that make mainstream America LOLOLOL.

Sep 19, 2012

Steelers Fan Impresses With ‘YOURMOM’ Jersey & Cargo Shorts [69 Jerseys]

The worst fans in the NFL: (5.) Jets (4.) Eagles (3.) Cowboys (2.) Raiders (1.) Steelers. When you are rocking a 'YOURMOM' 69 jersey during the home opener, Steelers fan pushes to the front. Sure, Raiders fans will curb stomp each other, but Steelers fans just have to be vile, white sock wearing, trash. Does Roger Goodell want fans walking around a stadium with kids asking what this jersey means? No. Will Roger get to the bottom of this trash? JUMP!

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Aug 31, 2012

John Daly Killing It In His Arkansas 69 Jersey [PHOTOS]

Call us immature, childish or stupid if you want, but 69 jerseys make us laugh. When random schmucks wear them to games it's great. When f*ckin John Daly wears one it's even better. Can you think of a more fitting celebrity who would rock a 69 jersey of his alma mater? Nope, because there isn't one. The only thing that's missing from this photo is a 40 and a cigarette. JUMP!

Aug 24, 2012

36 Best 69 Fan Jerseys On The Internet [PHOTOS]

Of course you have a '69 Jersey' buddy. You know the guy: lives by YOLO. He's probably married; his wife hates him, too. But he's the hardo who'll walk into an opposing team's stadium wearing a 'Your Mom 69' jersey. Your goal is to not get stabbed or shot. 69 YOLO doesn't care. The wife is about to leave his ass and he's not at a football game to meet a wife. He's there to crush beers and maybe throw a couple punches. JUMP!

Apr 12, 2012

The Bigger Craze: 99 Problems & Aint 1 Shirts Or 69 Jerseys? [PHOTOS]

Well, that got old real quick. What was for a brief moment the cool thing to do with a pair of customized jerseys is now apparently what everyone is doing. The 99 problems and ain't 1 his and her customized jerseys were first spotted in Orlando, but they were seen this week at a Washington Nationals game. Soon, they'll be in a ballpark, arena or stadium near you. Can you wait? We certainly can't! JUMP!