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Jul 23, 2012

World’s Hottest Golfer – Sophie Horn – Is Back With Ryder Cup Photos

I was just minding my business last night, enjoying a Sunday evening on Twitter when an email popped into the inbox. It was from some guy named Ashley Woolfe and he was offering up a photo of the "World's Hottest Golfer" Sophie Horn. "I have a picture of The World's Sexiest Golfer, Sophie Horn, caught changing in the car park at The Open at Lytham. Please email me and I will send it to you," Woolfe wrote. And he did send the photo. JUMP!

Jul 15, 2012

Kris Blanks May Be The Best PGA Athlete Because Of This [PHOTOS]

Kris Blanks is a PGA golfer who is ranked 201st in the world. Doesn't sound that awesome yet right? Well, the guy posts the most insane things about his life on Twitter and seems to be the Dana Holgorsen of golf. That is not an easy feat to accomplish. Talking about pulling all nighters in casinos, about squirrels farting on the golf course, and how you can't wait to have sex with your wife will probably get you on Busted Coverage if you are a professional athlete.  JUMP!

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Jul 7, 2012

PGA Pro Charlie Beljan Wearing Awesome 69 Buckle At Greenbrier [PHOTO]

BC reader @calepatterson wanted to know if we saw PGA pro Charlie Beljan's 69 belt buckle. Um, of course not, because who (a.) who the hell is Charlie Beljan, and (b.) who the hell is watching Charlie Beljan play at the Greenbrier when Tiger Woods missed the cut and Troy Kelly is your leader at -12? Of course it's a total bro move going with the 69 buckle. Full shot - JUMP!

Jun 30, 2012

This Is Why The AT&T National Was Suspended For Play Today [PHOTOS]

Washington, DC was pelted with thunder storms that caused massive power outages last night. The AT&T National had to be stopped because of pictures like this that were caused by the storms. Tiger Woods is still in the hunt but play has been suspended and all fans must stay out. Dozens of trees were uprooted and a 75 foot tree even crashed on the 14th fairway. Until then, check out all the damage done to this golf course. JUMP!

Jun 18, 2012

Drunk Bird Call Guy At U.S. Open, For the Win! [VIDEO]

At the conclusion of yesterdays U.S. Open tournament, we were all bracing ourselves for another dull, by the books Bob Costas interview with champion Webb Simpson. Things were going according to plan until one of BC's new favorite people slipped on screen and made what appeared to be an exotic bird call. The guy was on screen for about three seconds until security escorted him away, but he got off one hell of a bird call. JUMP!

Jun 12, 2012

Elin Nordegren Wearing Bikini In Bahamas & Her 18 Sexiest Photos

With the U.S. Open kicking off this week, it is only appropriate that we bring the ultimate golf ex-WAG back into the spotlight. Elin Nordegren is far to hot to go M.I.A. for so long, and thankfully that beautiful mug has resurfaced down in the Bahamas. She was spotted drifting on the beach in a fedora and a blue bikini that we won't be forgetting anytime soon. We have those six new bikini photos lined up for you along with the 18 sexiest Elin pics we could find. You know you wanna get a glimpse of Elin...​JUMP!

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Jun 12, 2012

Blondes Showing Off Boobs At Missouri Golf Course Popped For Indecency! [Cuff ‘Em]

Sure, Shelly Lewis & Alicia Binford are both past their prime, but it's that time of year when golf outings turn into a chance to show off your boobs. These ladies were busted yesterday afternoon when Madison County Sheriff's Department deputies saw the pair flashing their racks. Two things come to mind right off the bat with this story: (1.) Flashing on a Monday afternoon? (2.) What jerkoff turned in these two on a Monday afternoon? JUMP!

Yes, Today Is Jim Rome’s Smack Off & Steve Elkington Dropped A Meat Curtain On Twitter

Where you at, clones? Just getting your ass out of bed, clones? You're missing the annual Jim Rome Smack Off, clones. We'll let the clones have their fun this afternoon and get around to a recap later this afternoon. Meanwhile, we suggest you keep an eye on PGA pro Steve Elkington's Twitter account where he's dropping references to fat chicks and meat curtains. Of course all the clones know Elk is a Rome legend. Rack 'em. [Listen live to Jim Rome – here]

May 18, 2012

Yes, Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders Really Is Engaged Grade A Douchebag Erik Kuselias

Research tells us that Golf Channel smokeshow Holly Sonders is 25. Her former coworker on the Golf Channel's Morning Drive is Erik Kuselias. The guy is 42-ish. They're engaged. And we mean like she has a giant ring on her finger engaged. It was announced today that Kuselias is losing his Morning Drive gig, but retains the rights to marry a chick that could possibly be the next chick to absolutely destroy the hearts and minds of American men. JUMP!

May 14, 2012

Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders & Her Tanned Body Played A Pro-Am [PHOTOS]

Out of nowhere we were smacked in the face today thanks to the guys at The Big Lead with photos of Golf Channel's Holly Sonders at the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow. Of course we don't watch the Morning Drive show hosted by Sonders. Um, thanks to the following photos, Holly has just earned herself a permanent DVR position right alongside Good Morning America. Only bad part here is that Holly doesn't play on the LPGA. One-time deal with these legs. JUMP!

May 3, 2012

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Apr 30, 2012

PGA Pro Ryan Palmer Might Want To Orange Glow His Forehead [Morning Twitpic]

Of course we'd never heard of this golfer Ryan Palmer before yesterday's Zurich Open. And then the guy took off his golf hat. Here we figured this guy had a sweet tan over his entire head. How exactly does he go about his life with a two-toned melon? Wear a hat at all times? In MLB news, the Baltimore Orioles can lead the A.L. East through April with a win tonight against the Yankees and a Rays loss in Seattle. Enjoy it while you can, O's fan. Let's get rolling!

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Apr 17, 2012

Boss Move? Tony Romo Back On Golf Course 5 Days After Birth Of Son [PHOTO]

And here we figured women wanted the husband/BF around 24/7 after the birth of a child to do chores like changing deuce diapers and make lunch. Pfft, not if you're Tony Romo. Remember how his wife gave birth a week ago Monday? It was Candice Crawford's first baby. We figure there is like a two-week period where it's like baby vacation. Just sit around and stare at the kid. Nope, not for Tony Romo. Dude is on the links five days later. JUMP!

Apr 10, 2012

Buy Masters Champion Bubba Watson’s Lake House; $1.45M [PHOTOS]

Want to buy Bubba Watson's North Carolina lake house and hope some of his Master's magic rubs off on you while you're in the swimming pool? This place can be yours for only $1,450,000. It's not massive, but you'll be throwing some wild lake parties on the insane outdoor patio and boat beer pier. Don't like to mow a lawn? This place is perfect and is only 3,400 sq. ft. to clean. JUMP!

Apr 10, 2012

Ohio Drunk At Masters Tries To Steal Sand, Is Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]

Via: Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said Clayton Price Baker, of Ohio, slipped under the ropes following the tournament and attempted to put the sand in his cup. After a short foot chase by Augusta National security and sheriff’s deputies, Baker was apprehended and charged with disorderly conduct. Suck it Florida. Couldn't have been from Kansas or Wyoming. This is just how Ohio rolls. Never ceases to amaze me.

Apr 9, 2012

A Tradition Unlike Any Other…Picking Your Nose At The Masters [Morning Twitpic]

Our friends at Ride The Pine sent us this from the Masters nose picker digging one out during the final round. Listen, it doesn't matter what Peter Hanson is up to, a boog that has to come out, has to be dug out. As for Tiger Woods, it's a good thing the experts spent three days last week trying to figure out if Eldrick should be the favorite. Oops, he finished 40th. In baseball, how bad are times for Boston? This should answer that question. Let's get rolling!

Apr 4, 2012

John Daly’s RV Has Best Masters Parking Spot…In Front Of Hooters!

Busted Coverage's golf hero, John Daly, hasn't played in the Masters since 2006 and eventually lost his PGA card after that season. He's now 285th in the world and is spending yet another year hawking his merchandise to golf fans who actually get to meet the legend at his RV flea market. But there is a big change for Big John this year. He actually has duties inside the Hooters where the bus is parked. Judging duties. Seriously. JUMP!

Apr 2, 2012

Playboy Golf Finals ’12 Highlighted By Gronk’s Team Jizz Blaster [PHOTOS]

The bros from Team Jizz Blaster went their respective ways last night after four days of paryting, wearing Zubaz and chasing tail at the 2012 Playboy Golf Finals bash. Of course Gronk & his boys were a big hit, but quietly Reggie Bush showed up and snapped some pics with lingerie chicks. We also have a Warren Moon in the middle of a dance-off at the 8th hole. Finally, you get a passed out Ron Jeremy getting ass bombed. JUMP!

Mar 28, 2012

Tiger Woods’ Porn Whores Plan To Release Tell-All During Masters

Here's the Tiger Woods porn flick you've been waiting for! At least, if you're the kind of person waiting for Tiger Woods porn flicks. Vivid will release a flick called 3 Mistresses featuring three of Woods' former ladies -- Devon James, Holly Sampson and Joslyn James. Not only will there be a Q&A about Tiger's sexual habits, but the girls will also act them out for your viewing enjoyment. This, we've got to see.

Mar 1, 2012

Old Coot Golfers Beat Teen With Golf Ball Retriever Over Air Horn Prank [Cuff ‘Em]

Via: Ronald E. Richardson and Donald E. Nieto were arrested after a video of them striking the 15-year-old was shown to law enforcement by the father of the teenager, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports. The incident, which took place early Saturday afternoon at Shalimar Pointe Country Club, began after a group of four teenagers blew an air horn at golfers teeing off at the ninth hole, the report stated. Jackass stunts only work on Jackass, boys.

Feb 27, 2012

Hunter Mahan Selling This Dump & Building 19,000 Sq. Ft. Mansion! [PHOTOS]

We'd nearly forgotten about Hunter Mahan until yesterday when he beat Rory McIlroy at the Accenture Matchplay and his wife, former Cowboys cheerleader, Kandi came running onto the green. Of course she's one of our all-time favorites. One thing led to another and we were digging into what Mahan has been up to. Um, not much. Just selling his million-dollar mansion and replacing it with a 19,000 sq. ft. mega-mansion. Ho-hum. JUMP!

Feb 22, 2012

Paula Creamer Covered In $4MM Diamonds At HSBC Tourney Party [PHOTOS]

Yes, this is a post about Paula Creamer all blingy at the HSBC Tournament player's party tonight in Singapore. But stop for a second and take notice that Michelle Wie is quickly rising up our radar thanks to tight tops like this at player's parties. Sure, it's cool and all that Paula Creamer is wearing enough jewelry to bring Allen Iverson to tears, but HOLY SH*T...Michelle Wie...JUMP!

Feb 15, 2012

Be Natalie Gulbis’ Caddie For One Round Of LPGA Golf – $8,000!

Have $8,000 laying around and feel like it would be best spent on charity and carrying Natalie Gulbis' bag in an LPGA event? Ever dreamt of having Ms. Gulbis ask you to hand her a water bottle on the 8th hole at the ShopRite Classic? All you have to do is break out the MasterCard, hit Buy It Now. Of course you'll probably have to pass a background check, but dreams really can come true for those with money. JUMP!

Feb 13, 2012

John Daly’s Indian Hotel Jolted By Terrorist Car Bombing!

John Daly isn't cruising around the U.S. this week in his trusty RV just soaking up the miles enroute to another payday. Instead, he's in New Delhi, India to play in the Avantha Masters and had only been in-country for about 24 hours when a car bombing rocked the junky hotel he's holed up in this week. And when we say car bombing, we mean like an Israeli diplomat's wife was seriously injured in the attack. We suggest keeping an eye on Daly's timeline. JUMP!

Feb 9, 2012

Chris Berman Looks Like He’s Been Going HAM On Applebees 2 For $20 [PHOTO]

That picture HAS NOT been Photoshopped. Since when did Chris Berman develop a back FUPA? That's not even his ass. It's like a giant beer gut has developed over his spine. At least 8-10 Five Guys burgers just housed in that hump. Look, we know Boomer has been portly for years. No secret here. But this Berman, as spotted yesterday at Pebble Beach, is out of control. Too many 2 for $20s? Just stuffing his face with pizza? Eating w/Berman this week? Send us shots. JUMP!

Jan 31, 2012

Buy Phil Mickelson’s $7.1MM California Shack & Get This Shower [PHOTOS]

Our friends at Trulia sent word this morning that Phil Mickelson has relisted his Racho Santa Fe, California home after completing tile work on this crazy master bathroom shower. Gaudy, you say? Not if you're rich and like expensive foreign tile work where you drop deuces. Personally, Phil could have lined that bathroom with linoleum and we'd gladly drop a deuce in that place. It's all yours for $7.1mm. Paying cash? Might get a discount. JUMP!

Jan 25, 2012

Luke Donald Playing Out Of World’s Largest Bunker [PHOTOS]

Craziest bunker on the PGA Tour? Has to be Abu Dhabi where Luke Donald was today playing out of this monster. No Photoshop used. Of course this isn't a real golf course, bro-seph. It's really the desert just outside Abu Dhabi (UAE). Donald just happens to be in town for a photoshoot that was scheduled for the world's largest bunker. JUMP!

Jan 23, 2012

Bubba Watson Bought The General Lee [Photos]

Golfer Bubba Watson, probably the most eccentric player on the PGA Tour, just got a little more so. Watson purchased Lee 1, the original General Lee, at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction over the weekend. He's now rolling around California in it. Watson picked up the fully-restored police-cruiser-jumping '69 Dodge Charger for what were essentially peanuts. Not a bad weekend for Bubba Watson.

Jan 20, 2012

World’s Hottest Golfer Can’t Be Sandra Gal [PHOTOS]

In a totally unscientific poll that was probably heavily influenced by social media, German Sandra Gal has been named the world's hottest golfer. Gal outdistanced Anna Rawson in the ladies' bracket before destroying male winner Rickie Fowler in the finals. Who would have thought that a poll largely geared towards men would have produced a female winner? Well, us. Anyway, here's a gallery of Gal. Check it!

Jan 5, 2012

Elin Nordegren Destroys $12,000,000 Home [Photos]

Tiger Woods' ex wife Elin Nordegren is happily spending the golfer's money and apparently doing so on really dumb things. After buying a six bedroom, eight bath mansion in Florida last March, she decided to demolish the thing rather than move into it. Nordegren had a crew tear the joint down so she can build her dream home where the old joint used to stand. Seems like a totally reasonable thing to do to us. Check it!

Dec 28, 2011

Rachel Uchitel Is Pregnant [PHOTOS]

Major Twitter news for the tabloids & us sleazy bloggers who have made fortunes on the Tiger Woods divorce. Rachel Uchitel, usually referenced as the hot Tiger Woods' mistress, announced last night that she is five months pregnant thanks to the handy work of her new husband & former Penn State fullback Matty Hahn. Dude hit the wife lottery (rich & she has her private detective certification) & now he'll likely get a baby reality show! JUMP!

Dec 21, 2011

Last Photo Of World’s Greatest Golfer Kim Jong-il [Morning Twitpic]

Look at the supreme leader just keeping his bitches three steps behind him at the grocery store. Boss move. "You want to eat, bitches? Step off." Power move. It's also said to be the last photo of the world's greatest golfer, Kim Jong-il. You didn't know about his golfing prowess? This story from the Vancouver Sun is a must-read. The odds KJi had 11 aces in the 1st round of golf he ever played? 183 gazillion to 1. 1st real Asian 'bro' of the 21st Century. Let's get rolling!

Nov 30, 2011

Fred Couples Palm Springs Villa On Sale For Just $4.2MM [PHOTOS]

Fred Couples may not be what he used to on the golf course these days, but he seems to be doing alright on the real estate market. Couples is putting his La Quinta, California villa on the market only two years after he bought it. Oh, and he stands to make more than $1 million on the sale. If you don't mind living in the desert with a bunch of old celebrities, then this place is for you! Hell, it has an outdoor shower.

Nov 7, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki & Rory McIlroy Are Back! [Photos]

WozIlroy is back! That's right! They're a real couple now and they don't give a crap who knows about it. If you walk around on the street you might see them making out. That's not the important thing here though. Woz likes to pimp out her boy. He just rose to No. 2 in the PGA rankings. She, of course, is No. 1 in the WTA rankings. So, what the hell? Take a pic with the No. 1 and No. 2 players in the world? Why not? Unfortunately, we know who wears the pants here. Check it!

Oct 31, 2011

Paula Creamer Sick Of World Talking About Kim Kardashian [TWEETS]

Just checked the Google Trends for today and Kim Kardashian is currently 13th thanks to her divorce news. That brings us to this from LPGAer Paula Creamer: "With everything going on in the world kind of sad how everyone is talking about Kim kardashian filing for divorce." Wait, see what she did right there? Rip society and then tweet about Kardashian! We're onto you, Creamer. All this coming from a golfer who named her dog Stud. Get the f$%^ outta here.

Oct 7, 2011

Golfer Banned For Cheating Wins Body Weight In Ham

Scottish golfer Elliot Saltman isn't terribly good, but he has occasional flashes when he isn't getting banned from the tour for cheating, that is. Take this, for instance: Saltman nailed a hole-in-one at the Madrid Masters on Friday. It didn't really put him in contention, but at least he won't go hungry. Saltman's feat won him his body weight in ham. Now that's a lot of bacon! You want to know just how much ham? Check it!

Sep 28, 2011

LPGA’s Belen Mozo Is Getting Naked For ESPN The Magazine [PHOTOS]

We didn't know who Belen Mozo was before today, but we're already a big fan. The LPGA rookie will appear naked in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue. To get you tuned up, we opened the file on Mozo and pulled a totally sweet-ass gallery of our own. Who's the big winner, besides our bank account when you keep clicking? That's right, you are! Now get in here and meet your new favorite golfer! GO!