DUDE Wipes Partners With NASCAR Team For ‘DUMPkin Spice’ Paint Scheme

Los Angeles, California, United States - 02-01-2023: A view of several packages of Dude Wipes, on display at a local grocery store.


Some would say that we are now entering the best season of the year. A statement that would be hard to argue from a sports fan’s perspective. The start of the football season, baseball post-season races in full swing, and the start of basketball and hockey just around the corner.

Fall is the dream season for any fan hoping to spend hours on the couch.

Along with the rest of those sports, NASCAR is in the middle of a playoff competition in all three of their major series.

This weekend, NASCAR is taking their show to Bristol, Tennessee. Bristol Motor Speedway has long been known as ‘The Last Great Coliseum,’ and this weekend, fans will be delighted with one of the more anticipated weekends in the sport’s yearly calendar. On Friday, the Xfinity Series will take center stage.

Many teams will celebrate the past with classic paint schemes running around the half-mile track. However, one team is taking sponsorship to the next level.

No team will be able to top the look that will be Anthony Alfredo’s No. 78 Chevy Camaro. The Xfinity driver will be sporting one of his top sponsors in DUDE Wipes.

However, DUDE Wipes are rolling out some new material for customers. If you’ve ever thought about attracting every chick from Starbucks to your wagon, then DUDE Wipes has you covered with the new ‘DUMPKIN Spice’ wipes.

Is this a bit, or can we all actually enjoy the delights of Fall from our sacred regions? Whatever the case may be, DUDE Wipes and NASCAR have knocked this one out of the park.

If you are a new viewer to the sport and looking for a driver to root for in the Xfinity Series on Friday, why not go with the pumpkin dumper himself, Mr.Alfredo?

The Xfinity Series race is set to begin at 7:30 pm ET. on Friday night. The racing weekend will start on Thursday night when the Craftsman Truck Series will take center stage, and then the NASCAR Cup Series will main event on Saturday night in a race that will see four drivers be eliminated from playoff contention.

It could be a weekend where many drivers and teams will be thinking about dumpin’ a pumpkin. Keep the DUDE Wipes nearby.

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