Three Reasons it is Impossible to Find an Answer to the GOAT Debate in Every Sport

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Debates constantly rage regarding the “greatest of all time” in every sport. In basketball, punters often debate about LeBron James vs Michael Jordan. In soccer, the Ronaldo vs Messi discussion is never far from the headlines, and so on and so forth. Punters are still placing wagers on these greats to this day, which can be done if you click here.

While we each have our own opinions on who the GOAT is for different sports, there are a few reasons that there will never be a definitive answer. There are clear distinctions as to why the GOAT debate cannot be settled in all sports, no matter how hard we try! Read on to see why.

Different Eras

Let’s start with one of the most problematic elements of them all. When comparing individuals in most sports, the GOAT debate often involves players from totally different eras. Take the James vs Jordan debate in basketball as an example. Michael Jordan was at the peak of his career in the 1990s, whereas LeBron James didn’t reach his peak until 10 to 15 years later. Sure, LeBron James is still playing, but it doesn’t really matter what records he ends up with.

The fact that these guys played the game in completely different eras means they cannot be compared. And this isn’t just the case for basketball, it’s true for all sports.

Different Styles of Play

This is another intriguing element that punters often miss when engaging in GOAT discussions. No matter what the sport is, each individual has a different style or assumes a different role. Of course, this can be quite different when discussing individual vs team sports. For example, the GOAT debate in men’s tennis is often between Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

However, these three guys each have/had a totally different style of play from one another. So while one punter might consider Federer as the GOAT given his effortless attacking style of tennis, others might consider Nadal as the GOAT due to his endurance and defensive skills. See the problem? 

Since the same metrics aren’t always used when it comes to roles and styles of play, the discussion holds no merit.

The Weight of Individual Records
The final reason that GOAT debates will never be settled relates to the weight of records for each individual. Let’s use soccer and the Messi vs Ronaldo debate as an example. Both guys play as strikers, therefore, some punters might consider the player who has scored the most goals to be the GOAT. 

Others might consider records such as the number of international titles, league titles, career hat-tricks, or even Ballon d’Or trophies as the main GOAT indicator. Of course, since there is no exact answer to which records carry the most weight, the respective answers to the GOAT debates will always be different from one punter to the next.

Then again, this doesn’t mean that GOAT debates aren’t fun to engage in! And since they will never be settled, the entertainment they provide will never end.

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