Fast Food Madness 2023: Which Restaurant Is Cutting Down The Nets?

Everyone has more than likely filled out at least one bracket for the Big Dance. Now it’s time to study another bracket. That would be choosing the best fast-food restaurant of 2023. We have heavy favorites, like the house that Ronald McDonald built, and fresh faces looking to make a deep run in this year’s tourney.

Which restaurant is the cream of the crop? Here is the first glimpse at our 2023 Fast Food Madness bracket.

The Golden Arches Region

Ayutthaya,Thailand - March 7, 2018 :View in Porto Go Bangpa-in, McDonald's Restaurant in Ayutthaya,Thailand. McDonald's is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain


1. McDonald’s vs. 8. Rally’s/Checkers

4. Dairy Queen vs. 5. Panda Express

3. Pizza Hut vs. 6. Jimmy John’s

2. Subway vs. 7. Five Guys

The Eat Mor Chikin Region

New York NY/USA-May 14, 2016 A classic Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and a Spicy Chicken sandwich in a Chick-Fil-A restaurant in New York


1. Chic-fil-A vs. 8. Bojangles

4. Popeyes vs. 5. Papa John’s

3. Chipotle vs. 6. Zaxby’s

2. KFC vs. 7. Wingstop

The Only Eating This In A Safe Place Region

BANGKOK, THAILAND- JULY 24, 2020 : Box set of tasty taco, nachos, and cup of drink served in retail background of taco bell restaurant. A popular Mexican & American fast food chain. Selective focus.


1. Taco Bell vs. 8. Qdoba

4. Arby’s vs. 5. Jack in the Box

3. Sonic vs. 6. Hardee’s

2. Domino’s vs. 7. Jersey Mike’s

The Dave Thomas Region

Ft. Pierce, Florida/United States - 03/22/2019: Wendy's fast food Chicken Sandwich, Hamburger Sandwich, French F


1. Wendy’s vs. 8. Firehouse Subs

4. Little Caesars vs. 5. Whataburger

3. Panera vs. 6. Culver’s

2. Burger King vs. 7. Raising Cane’s

The ball is now in your court, as we will be running polls on our social media accounts for you to choose who the ultimate fast-food king is. Is it just me, or does anyone else see the 4-seed in the Golden Arches Region doing the impossible? Please vote responsibly.

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