Twitter Reacts To Loyola Marymount’s Upset Victory Over Gonzaga

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 5, 2021: Gonzaga Bulldogs college shirts on table ready for sale


Listen, if you were to ask me what conference Gonzaga plays in college basketball, I could not give you that answer. Which is why when you see a headline saying the Bulldogs have lost a conference game, it piques your interest.

On Thursday night, Loyola Marymount, which is not to be confused with Sister Jean’s Loyola Ramblers, took down the Goliath of the WCC in Gonzaga. Snapping the Bulldogs 76 game home winning streak.

Check out some of Twitter’s best reactions to the Loyola Marymount victory:

College basketball continues to be the strangest sport in America. Nobody is safe, and Thursday night continued the theme that any team can lose on any given night. The loss on Thursday is Gonzaga’s first conference loss of the season and their first loss since December 2nd when the Bulldogs lost to the Baylor Bears in a natural site matchup. The loss drops Gonzaga to 2nd in the WCC (double-check to make sure this is the correct conference.) As the Lions of Loyola Marymount are 4th in the WCC.

Last night is just another great example that no one knows anything when it comes to college basketball. March Madness this year could be exactly what the name states. Pure madness, baby! Who’s ready for March?

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